Duo Ies Muller & David Munnelly

The Duo Muller & Munnelly were formed by their shared interest in taking a deep rooted music and presenting it in their iconic style. Both Ies and David were introduced to folk music a very young age from different backgrounds. While Ies started off being shown folk music in its broader sence he then went searching for its roots, ironically David started the otherway around at the very root of the tradition and working outward.

Ies Muller: wooden flutes
David Munnelly: diatonic accordeon

Duo Ies Muller & Philip Masure

Ies and Philip met in the Irish music scene, in wicht they are both actively playing. They shared the stage on many international stages, playing with groups such as Hot Spoons, Urban Trad, David Munnelly...
The core of their repertoire consists of Irish and Breton music, but many other influences can be heard in their playing. This brings great variety to their performances.

Ies Muller : wooden flutes, whistles
Philip Masure : guitar, cittern, vocals

Website Duo M&M

Duo Ies Muller & Reint van den Brink

East and west meet in the music by this duo, in which influences from Brittany, Ireland, India and the Ottoman tradition can be heard. Ies Muller (wooden flutes, whistles) and Reint van den Brink (guitars, oud, saz) explore the riches in sound, rithm and melodies playing both traditional repertoire and compostions of their own.

Helen Flaherty Band

Beautiful harmonized songs and melodies full of energy, the Helen Flaherty Band has it all. Building on the heart of their combined repertoires these four highly experienced top musicians will guarantee a magnificent concert.

Helen Flaherty: vocals, bodhran
Siard de Jong: fiddle, cittern, vocals
Philip Masure: guitar, cittern, vocals
Ies Muller: flutes, vocals

Urban Trad

Traditional music for the 21st century. Combining acoustic instruments, crafty vocal lines, a strong rythm section and modern loops, Urban Trad creates a unique sound that touches all ages and popular segments.

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