Duo David Munnelly & Ies Muller

Duo Muller & Munnelly expresses a shared love for deeply rooted folk music. David grew up surrounded by the traditional Irish music of county Mayo. Ies on his turn grew more and more attracted to the roots of Irish music.

While traditional Irish music remains the base of their repertoire, they play a music of their own in an inimitable style in which influences can be heard from jazz, Breton music and classical music. Flute and accordeon as you never heard before!

Ies Muller: wooden flutes
David Munnelly: diatonic accordion, vocals

Duo Ies Muller & Hamid Reza Behazadian

Duo Hamid Reza Behzadian & Ies Muller

An encounter of extremes! Their playing is founded on rich traditions: music from Iran, India, Ireland and Brittany, Blues... Hamid grew up with the sounds of Persian music around him. Later he explored Blues and Indian music on slide guitar. Ies specialized in Irish and Breton music on wooden flutes.

Hamid Reza Behzadian: slide guitar, hardmonicas
Ies Muller: wooden flutes

Duo Ies Muller & Hamid Reza Behazadian


Their paths had crossed many times before in several projects, so it was only a matter of time that Bert  and Ies were going to form a duo. And here it is! In an pleasant dynamic mixture Breton, French and Irish melodies, both traditional and new compositions, flow together seamlessly. This duo’s music transports you to another world and instantly invites you to dance.

Bert Leemans: chromatic accordeon
Ies Muller: wooden flutes, bombard

Duo Ies Muller & Philip Masure

Duo Ies Muller & Philip Masure

Irish and Breton music on flute and guitar. Philip and Ies played together in groups such as Hot Spoons and Urban Trad. In duo Muller & Masure their music really comes into its own. Ies is considered to be one of the best folk flute players in the low countries, Philip is a master of Celtic music on guitar. Together they guarantee Irish and Celtic music of the highest quality, with a surprising and varied repertoire!

Ies Muller: wooden flutes, whistles
Philip Masure: guitar, cittern, vocals
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The Helen Flaherty band

The Helen Flaherty Band

Beautiful harmonized singing and Scottish and Irish melodies full of energy, the Helen Flaherty Band has it all! Building on the heart of their combined repertoires these four highly experienced top musicians will guarantee a magnificent folk concert.

Helen Flaherty: vocals, bodhran
Siard de Jong: fiddle, cittern, vocals
Philip Masure: guitar, cittern, vocals
Ies Muller: flutes, vocals

Duo Ies Muller & Reint van den Brink

East and west meet in the folk music by this duo, in which influences from Brittany, Ireland, India and the Ottoman tradition can be heard. Ies Muller (wooden flutes, whistles) and Reint van den Brink (guitars, oud, saz) explore the riches in sound, rhythm and melodies playing both traditional repertoire and compositions of their own.

Reint van den Brink: gitaren, oud, saz
Ies Muller: houten dwarsfluiten, whistles