header-lessenIes has extensive experience in teaching flute on all levels, both to groups and individuals. Individual lessons These lessons start by establishing the wishes of the student, and may then work on specifically Irish techniques and ornamentation, and of course learning beautiful melodies. Flautists who have studied classical flute may find it interesting to get introduced to methods less familiar to them, such as learning repertoire by ear, rythmical use of breath and alternative tone and colour of sound.

Workshops Lessons for larger groups of people are also available. Ies has often been invited to teach workshops to groups of both beginners and more advanced players. He has much to offer to people that are already familiar with playing Irish music on the flute. Students of music schools may enjoy a workshop and find new inspiration in beïng introduced to a new style of playing.

Whatever the situation, Ies always makes an efford to offer a taylor made lesson.

Prices Individual lesson of 45 minutes: €30,00. Workshops and group lessons: price to be agreed.

What others say...

The Irish music workshop at the Dutch Flute Academy was a great succes. We received very positive reactions from all participants (between 13 and 30 years of age) in our feedback. It was a fantastic mix of learning about the background of this music, getting to know, see and hear the instruments, and playing (together) and learning to ornament beautiful, relatively simple Irish melodies. And finally a brilliant, fascinating concert... We could not keep our feet still!! Highly recommendend! Emily Beynon Principal flautist Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, musical director Dutch Flute Academy